Cross Trades

Premiership offer many RoRo solutions when it comes to the cross trade markets, we have services that connect with our main trade routes which connect to the NYK Inter-Asia & Sea Paradise services. Complex global documentation practices have given way for easier trade in most of the free market economies. This along with technological advancements have nurtured and grown the cross trade across countries. In today's world we can identify customers in a third country.

These types of transactions have become more easier and common in today’s trade thanks to E-COMMERCE and easy payment gateways. However, country specific documentations cannot be done away with and it is here where our service makes CROSS TRADE a simple and easy process for our customers. So the next time you have your supplier in the UK and your customer in the Middle East just give us a call! These trade lanes connect the following destinations together via Singapore.

Australia, Japan / Taiwan, Chittagong / Kolkatta / Chennai / Mumbai, Persian Gulf / Red Sea, Europe / Israel, South Africa: see below, some of NYK’s cross trade service maps. All other accessible ports considered subject to inducement.