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Creating a more
sustainable world together

We’re committed to making shipping safer, greener and more sustainable. The fleets we work with are actively investing in alternative fuel and advanced vessels to pioneer sustainable shipping with lower environmental impact.

Accelerating change

We’re proud to work with fleets that are pushing innovation to find new solutions to old problems and deliver the improvements needed to make real, environmental change. The NYK & UECC shipping lines pledge to:



To efficiently use resources and reduce waste, while delivering safe operations or all shipping services.



To aid local communities on conservation initiatives.



To instill the importance of environmental policies among employees.

NYK Sail Green

In a bid to reduce CO2 emissions, NYK has pledged to build 12 liquefied natural gas-fueled PCTC Ships by 2028. The ships’ use of LNG fuel, and hull modifications to improve fuel economy, will contribute to a reduction of CO2 emissions by approximately 40%.


View NYK’s Environmental Performance Report 2022

Making zero-carbon shipping a reality

Looking to the future, the NYK & UECC fleets aim to be net-zero by 2050. Starting in 2030, zero-emission vessels fueled by hydrogen and ammonia will be used. They pledge to:



Collaborate on future fuels.

Reduce Fuel

Reduce fuel consumption

Reduce fuel consumption by optimising vessel routing, speed and engine load.

Zero Emission

Zero-emission vessels

Strive to use zero-emission vessels fueled by hydrogen and ammonia.



Lead the decarbonisation of the shipping industry.

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