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Get ahead of
customs clearance

Reduce disruption and keep your supply chain fully optimised with Premiership’s customs clearance process.


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Changes to customs

From 1st January 2022, new customs clearance rules apply for both import and export. Are you prepared for…

  • Restrictions on access to port without a customs declaration?

  • Customs debt to be settled ahead of departure to GB or EU?

  • All documentation to be available before delivery or collection?

*Demurrage charges can apply if vehicles are held at ports whilst awaiting import clearance.

Customs Agent Confirmation

We are required by HM Revenue and Customs to hold written confirmation that we are acting as your direct Customs Agent in relation to declarations made on your behalf.


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Documentation: Sorted

For customs clearance on imports and exports, the right documentation is key. Check you’ve got everything you need, now.

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Export Guide

Team you can trust

Customs clearance taken care of

Eliminating the stress surrounding the recent changes to customs declarations. We’re proud offer our customers an import and export customs clearance service at ports throughout the United Kingdom. With our wealth of knowledge in this field we can handle all necessary paperwork and permits for your goods, and complete it on your behalf.

Why do you need a customs clearance agent?

There are big fines for incorrectly declared goods. The changing rules and regulations make it easy to get caught out. We’re experts in customs and compliance, ready and waiting to help. With over 30 years of experience, Premiership are the customs declaration service experts you can trust.



Benefit from expertise that keeps the import and export of your goods running seamlessly.

Document Prep

Document preparation

Ensure all preparation and submission of necessary customs documentation.

Payment Cleared

Payments cleared

Correctly classify and clear VAT/duty payments due on imports and exports.



Enable all shipments to be transported efficiently and compliantly, across borders.

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