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Cargo Transportation

Around the
World RoRo

Your cargo, managed. We arrange shipping for a diverse range of goods using RoRo, below deck shipping.


Types of cargo

We pride ourselves on our versatile services and will do our utmost to find the appropriate shipping solutions to meet your needs.


Vehicles & Rail Cargo

Cars, tractors, buses, mobile homes, boats, trains…you get the idea. We can handle the shipping of all kinds of vehicles and rail cargo, with no fuss.

Boxed Cargo

Boxed Cargo, Breakbulk & Freight Pallets

It’s not just the wheel bearing cargo that we take care of. Static items can be safely shipped with us, using Mafi trailers.


Project, Construction & Mining Equipment/Machinery

Awkward, diversely packaged cargo is welcomed at Premiership.

Roro specialists

Why choose RoRo?

We provide RoRo shipping because it’s the safest, most reliable method of delivery. Far more versatile than LoLo, RoRo allows you to ship a vast selection of cargo. But how does it work?

Our vessels load your goods via a stern ramp, where they are then stowed and lashed in the appropriate deck.

What are the benefits of RoRo?



Ramps make loading and unloading quick and agile - while minimising cargo handling.

Cost Efficient


We provide premier RoRo services via globally renowned fleets, at fair and competitive prices.



Watertight, lashed and below deck, your cargo couldn’t be safer.

Roro ship

Your RoRo specialists

With 250+ years of collective experience, we’re experts in short and deep-sea RoRo shipping. The sole provider of NYCC and UECC fleets in the UK, Premiership is the go-to for knowledge and support every step of the way,

from enquiry through to arrival.

Mafi trailer

No wheels? No problem

Although our services are RoRo, that doesn’t mean your cargo needs wheels to be viable. We use Mafi trailers to transport static cargo below deck. We will discuss the detailed requirements of your shipment during our enquiry stage.

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Cargo transportation
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Why choose Premiership?


Trusted, personalised support

We’re a trusted and valued partner to hundreds of businesses across the globe, and operate through the #1 shipping providers. Our processes provide personalised support, so you can be sure of a premium shipping experience, each and every time.

Global Network

Global network

We offer the largest regular range of connections, meaning you can be sure your cargo gets where it needs to in good time.


Competitive on price

Our bespoke, RoRo below deck shipping services are premium in quality and competitive on price.



We’re proud to work with fleets that are pushing innovation to find new solutions to old problems and deliver the improvements needed to make real, environmental change.

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