Types of Cargo

UECC not only transports cars and light commercial vehicles. With a fleet of 23 PCTC vessels UECC can accommodate a large range of high & heavy and oversized cargo – including new/used plant, agricultural machinery, excavators, trucks, trailers, tracked vehicles and other abnormal loads such as boats, buses, cranes, railway carriages, wind turbines etc.


Non-containerised and palletised goods – such as steel, bricks, slate, paper, timber and other non-rolling cargo – are managed by our Industrial Cargo teams and carried on rolltrailers (also known as mafis).

Today UECC operates a fleet of 384 roll trailers of which 344 are 40 ft units with a payload capability of up to 100 tons. In addition, the company owns 18 x 20 ft units with a payload of 25 tons, 20 x 30 ft units with a payload of 45 tons and 3 x 60 ft units with a payload of 100 tons.


To further satisfy needs in the market, UECC has invested in warehouses, together with other specialist cargo-handling equipment.

UECC owns and operates a 1400 sqm warehouse in Pasajes (Spain). We also operate a 3000 sqm warehouse in Portbury (UK), plus a 1400 sqm warehouse in Santander (Spain) in conjunction with our service partner ISS. In Zeebrugge (Belgium) we have an operation in collaboration with ICO to support our inland activities and cargo hub for Central Europe with facilities of over 7500 sqm.

These warehouses are staffed and equipped to support our Industrial Cargo operation which offers door-to-door solutions and handling facilities for loading cargo on/off trailers and rolltrailers.

Other warehouse and distribution operations exist in other ports called by UECC, such as St. Nazaire (France), Vigo (Spain), Southampton (UK) and in conjunction with appointed agents and partners.