UECC Fleet

UECC has a current fleet of 22 vessels. Nine vessels are owned by UECC, 13 are operated under time charter arrangements. All UECC-operated vessels have been designed or adapted to operate on European short-sea routes and are able to carry cargo ranging from factory new cars and commercial vehicles to high & heavy cargo of all types.

Simultaneous loading and discharging operations are possible on many vessels, using a combination of stern and quarter ramps in conjunction with the flexible design of internal decks. The deck and ramp solution maximises our productivity and reduces the turnaround time for the vessels in each port. This in turn enables us to deliver more competitive transit times for our customers.

The most recent generation of UECC vessels incorporate wide open decks free of internal pillars or obstructions with high levels of lighting and ventilation. These ships are powered by twin engines for reliability, providing fast service speeds of 20 knots. They are also highly manoeuvrable, incorporating twin rudders, bow thrusters and high-tech navigation and control systems.

Of the 22 vessels in our fleet, 12 have been built to ice class specification. Seven vessels have the highest ice class 1A Super and 1A, while another five have class 1C. This means we are able to operate a continuous service in the Baltic area all year-round, even when harsh ice conditions prevail.

Please click here to download a list of vessels that UECC are operating.